How to Contribute

How to Contribute#

Apache Weex is an open source project which is under active development, developers can participate and contribute to the Apache Weex community in a variety of ways. Contributing doesn’t just mean contributing code, reporting bugs, answering questions, joining in discussions and contributing documentation are also welcome.

Report Bugs#

You can use Weex directly through Get Started tutorial. If you encounter any unexpected phenomena during your use, feel free to let us know by filing a bug report.

Open a JIRA Issue , click on the top red “Create” button (you may need to create a JIRA account if you haven’t registered). Bug Report Guidelines document provides some of the most useful information about writing a good bug report. The better your bug report is, the faster we can reproduce and fix it!

Ask or Answer Questions#

For basic use problems and help, we suggest you ask questions on and mark them with weex tag.

You can also view all Weex related issues, answer some of the questions if you can, this will also help you get familiar with basic concepts and common misunderstandings about Weex, which can be useful when contributing documentation or code.

Join in Discussions#

In Weex community, most discussions happen on the mailing list.

Dev mailing list is the place where Weex developers exchange ideas and discuss new features, new releases and the development process.

Contributors and developers should subscribe to this list and follow it in order to keep up to date on what’s happening in Weex.(subscribe) (unsubscribe) (archives)

Contribute Documentation#

Documentation with good quality is a great help to developers. If there is a powerful API that is not easy to use, it becomes useless. So, we welcome any contributions to help Weex’s documents become precise and easy to read.

To make changes to the document, you can edit the corresponding Markdown file at the weex-site repository and create a pull request.

Contribute Code#

If you have already decided to start writing code in Weex and contributing your fix and features to the project, congratulations! You’re up and running.

For details on starting to work on a code contribution, please read Development Process.

How to Become a Committer#

Committers are core members of the community who can access the project’s repository and modify its code, documentation and web sites, as well as accept the contributions of other developers.

There’s no exact criteria for becoming a committer, we are looking for contributors who are actively involved in community contributions and who have continued interest in Weex. If you are interested in becoming a Weex committer, contact any existing committer and we will help you go through the invitation process.

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