Get Started

Get Started

Weex is a framework for building Mobile cross-platform high performance UI. Developers can write *.vue files to build native pages or an App. This page will help you write a Weex page in 2 minutes.

What is Vue?

Vue.js is an excellent progressive JavaScript framework written by Evan You. Now Weex and Vue has supported each other officially. Weex put Vue 2.x as its built-in JS Framework, and Vue has already been able to develop native mobile app.

Hello world

The easiest way to try Weex is to use the Playground App and write a Hello World example at dotWe. You don’t need to consider installing the development environment or writing native code, just do the following two things:

Nailed it! In this case, We can see HTML semantic tags, CSS styles and Javascript code. This is one of the simplest Weex examples. It rendered a “Hello World” in the page. Please note that this is not a Web page.


What happened?

As shown in the following code:

<text class="text">{{text}}</text>
.text {
font-size: 50;
export default {
data () {
return {
text: 'Hello World.'

It’s too easy,right? Let’s focus on the syntax, obviously this is vue.

You can try to modify the Hello World, then generate a new QR code to scan.