The <indicator> component usually used to show an indicator effect, it must be used as a subcomponent of a slider component.

Child Components#

This component dosen not supports any child components.


There is no specific attribute for this component.


Threr are some private styles for <indicator> :

  • item-color: <colors> This style attribute sets the normal item, default is #CCCCCC.
  • item-selectedColor: <colors> This style attribute sets the selected item, default is #444444.
  • item-size: <length> The radius of the indicator elements, default is 5px

common styles: see common styles

  • support flexbox related styles
  • support box model related styles
  • support position related styles

Note: There are some specific details about the style width and height on this component: the position of indicator will not only depend on the top, left, bottom and right, but also depend on the value of width and height. Imagine there is a virtual container outside the indicator, and it inherit the width and height of the indicator. The top, left, right and bottom will always take effect on this container, not the indicator points themselves, and the indicator points will be positioned in the center of it. And also you should know the default width and height is the parent slider’s width and height.

Note: background-color is not recommended to apply on this component, and you should use item-color and item-selectedColor instead.


common events: check out the common events


indicator demo

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